Monday, October 04, 2004

More on Mainstream Media

I find it really interesting that the big reaction by the Major Media types- Brokaw, etc.- to CBS getting caught is to scream there's a 'jihad' against the media by conservatives.

Dammit, honest people of many political stripes are mad about this. A major news agency had people who spent years on a story that had already been covered, took information that their own experts said was suspect at least, and presented it as true. And they got caught. And now we're supposed to be sorry for CBS and Rather because people are being mean to them.

Horsecrap. They threw even the pretense of objectivity and honesty out the window, and they're beginning to pay the price. And every time some other big-name newsreader tries to defend it, it makes their 'reporting' suspect: if they don't think using fake documents is a problem when someone else uses them, why should we be confident that they will be more careful with sources?

Update: on CBS news, read more on the producer in charge of this story. Someone who blew up a story on bad information before goes to CBS, which has been whacked several times for stories based on crap. But people being upset is a jihad against the poor put-upon media. Horsecrap.

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