Monday, October 04, 2004


I now have a blogroll!

This thing is something of a learning experience, in putting things together /help from friends/ and in getting back in practice at putting things on paper /in effect/.

If you've never read Sluggy Freelance or Two Lumps, you should. They're comics, not blogs, but it's my damn roll so there they are. At Sluggy, I would strongly suggest starting at the beginning. Otherwise you'll miss a lot (it also makes more sense that way).

I found Sluggy through a sci-fi series by John Ringo. Third in the series is "When the Devil Dances" which involves a supertank named Bun-Bun. I heartily recommend the books, as well as any others he's been in on.
My daughter introduced me to Two Lumps. Knife-wielding rabbit in one, cats in the other, something for everyone!

I'm forgetting something, let me check my notes (you'll understand later).

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