Sunday, October 03, 2004

Our allies in Iraq

I've get really ticked off when John Kerry (I'd use Kim du Toit's reference but I'm trying to keep this clean) keeps talking about our 'unilateral' action, and especially so when he called our allies /how do you have allies when you're unilateral? I don't know, either/ the 'coalition of the bribed and coerced'. How the hell does he think that crap goes over with these countries, especially since he hopes to be dealing with them as President? And it's dishonest.

As far as the criticism from some that they don't have many troops there, in many cases they've put it what they could. Poland doesn't have that much from what I understand, but they sent their best- their best commando with their best training and equipment. They went in with some of our special ops guys before the open warfare began, and they're still there. (can you hear the conversation? Pres. Kerry: Mr. Ambassador, I'm glad to meet you. Polish Ambassador: And do you plan to bribe or coerce us, sir?)

Chrenkoff has a translation of President Kwasniewski reacted to Kerry's words during the debate. Check it out.

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