Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate and St. Helens

No, I didn't watch the debate. I just cannot vote for Kerry, and on top of that I always get mad when someone talks around a question instead of answering it. I think I mentioned before: Kerry would effectively hand our foreign policy over to the U.N., as well as giving them much power over our domestic matters, he would toss out the 2nd amendment, he slandered other vets while trying to use them to further his political desires, he'd have the politically-correct weenies running our lives, he'd trash our military... There's just no way I could hold my nose enough to vote for that dirtbag.

They're now saying that the possible eruption of St. Helens could rival that of 1980. In 1980, the office I worked in had a tie-in to the National Civil Defense line, and we could listen in on the alerts put out, plus what I saw on TV. That was a massive eruption that caused a lot of disruption over a large part of the country. There's a book titled "Volcano Cowboys" that's a good read. It covers a lot of the crap that goes on in the National Geological Survey and how it affected- and was affected by- the eruption, as well as descriptions of the events.

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