Wednesday, July 10, 2024

When the WEF once again announces what you should be allowed to eat,

and how it will be produced, from the farming they'll still allow to the factories where their 'save the earth' designed food products will be made, you can count on one thing:
It won't be good, it won't be enough, and eventually they'll use it as a weapon against you.
And it won't be where most, if any, of their own food comes from.

Think: these are people who whine about carbon footprints of average people while they're having their limousines flown to Davos, where they will step off their private jets and step into them to go meet and tell us how we should be allowed to live; you think they'll give up their fresh food, and beef/pork/chicken, for factory-made stuff?

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riverrider said...

just like the only fat man in north korea.