Friday, February 23, 2024

A few things this morning

Starting with (formerly Great)Britain, Parliament surrendering to threats.
So it wasn’t just Starmer who had begged the Speaker to break with convention and let Labour vote for a ceasefire in its own language. Individual MPs had also pleaded for him to do so, mentioning their own personal safety – and that of their staff and family.

It’s therefore easy to see why the Speaker decided to let Labour and the Conservatives both express their own ceasefire votes in their own words, given the vast public interest. What’s the harm, really, in allowing two amendments even if the convention is only for one?

The harm lies in the precedent. To bend Commons procedures as a result of threats of violence is to let democracy be shaped by intimidation. Rather than make MPs safer, it can do the opposite: if MPs are seen to respond to such pressure, they can expect more of it.

Not that we've got such a great, upright bunch in Congress.

What? An oathbreaking politician created an office to trash part of the Constitution he doesn't like?
Anyone surprised?

And from our Professional Journalists: an actual reporter reported on things CBS didn't want written about, and was not only fired but they seized her personal files.
There is trouble brewing at Black Rock, the headquarters of CBS, after the firing of Catherine Herridge, an acclaimed investigative reporter. Many of us were shocked after Herridge was included in layoffs this month, but those concerns have increased after CBS officials took the unusual step of seizing her files, computers and records, including information on privileged sources.(bold mine)

The position of CBS has alarmed many, including the union, as an attack on free press principles by one of the nation’s most esteemed press organizations.
...It now appears that CBS itself will have to look into that mirror and answer some questions of what happened to the confidential records of Catherine Herridge.
I make a rude noise.  CBS is playing political agent, and they'll be dragged into any ethical fix of this kicking and screaming.

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