Thursday, September 28, 2023

More on the previous post about Fauci

When he was yelling at Rand Paul, I thought he sounded awfully upset, more on a personal level.  Now know why.
Now, the new information from multiple sources, including a CIA whistleblower, a senior government investigator, and a senior official, suggests a broad effort by Fauci to go agency by agency, from the White House to the State Department to the CIA, in an effort to steer government officials away from looking into the possibility that COVID-19 escaped from a lab.

“Fauci’s expert opinions were a significant consideration and were part of our classified assessment,” said the CIA whistleblower, a decorated and long-serving CIA officer with expertise in Asia. “His opinion substantially altered the conclusions that were subsequently drawn.”

Fauci had reasons to push scientists and intelligence analysts to believe the virus had a zoonotic origin since his agency had issued a grant to fund research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) in China.
“Fauci came to our building, to promote the natural origin of the virus,” the CIA whistleblower said. “He knew what was going on. I mean, you see all the redacted documents that are coming out. He was covering his ass and he was trying to do it with the Intel community… I know he came multiple times and he was treated like a rockstar by the Weapons and Counter Proliferation Mission Center. And, he pushed the Kristian Anderson paper.”

There's that old saying 'The guilty flee when none persue', now we have 'NOBODY does coverup like a corrupt bureaucrat scared of being called to account.'


Anonymous said...

Fauci lies for money.

Firehand said...

And because he REALLY didn't want to deal with the fallout of "Why the HELL did you give a PRC agency money to experiment with making viruses WORSE?"