Saturday, June 10, 2023

While most of our media is screaming "We've- uh, They've got Trump now!",

the head of the FBI nearly got cited for contempt- and should have been- for not going with a subpoena, and when Congress finally saw the document it shows Biden was taking bribes while VP.  And instead of being all over the story most of said media either tries to ignore that or downplays it as "Well, it doesn't PROVE Biden did it!"

Just like they ignored and downplayed the crimes Hillary Clinton committed.  And said EffingBI decided "No good prosecutor would charge this", which is not only bullshit, it was not their decision to make.

If Trump actually committed crimes, fine, it will come out in court.  But the fact that this prosecution is politically motivated shows, again, we can't trust the DoJ and FBI and a bunch of others.  And that's the worst crime of all.


Avraham said...

the left will never give up power --no election will make any difference

Dan said...

Saying the FBI head "nearly got cited for contempt" is like saying "I almost won the lottery". It's POINTLESS. Means nothing. Nobody in Congress is going to do a damn thing about the FBI because if they actually try the FBI will FRAME THEM and have them arrested and removed from office. The FBI is ABOVE THE LAW now.