Friday, June 09, 2023

Once more, the DC cops as well as the EffingBI wanted a big damned mess

At one point in the video, the unidentified police officer equipped with the camera said to another that he thought the idea was to get people inside the Capitol Building and trap them inside. The observation by the undercover officer leads one to conclude that there was intelligence about a plan to attack the Capitol, and the apparent response by the police was to let them do it and take pictures.
'Serve and Protect' and 'Integrity' my aching ass.


Anonymous said...

yeah, that was always one thing that didn't make sense to me was all of this thin blue line bullshit.
95% of the time, cops are NEVER you friends.
I always found it hard to "trust" them as well.
they have always been loyal to THEIR paycheck and pension
and they will steal anything they can too. seen that too many times in the past. dave in pa.

Anonymous said...

Mass Gatherings/Protesting/Right to Assemble….
We shall see if anything has been learned.
I Doubt it.