Thursday, June 08, 2023

Discover the mower blade isn't just dull

Decide "Well, I could bend and hammer it back to shape, or I can get a new blade."
Go online to the nearby Lowe's, find a blade for $20, and it says you can 'pick up today'.
Driver over.  Find out that on the store system that blade is 'special order'.
Find one that will fit, that is, of course, more expensive.
Get it mounted.

How bloody hard can it be to have your system tell people it's order only?

Yes, being who I am, I'll beat the old blade back to shape and save it as a spare.


MrLiberty said...

Was looking for a right angle drill driver. Found supposedly 4 in stock at Lowe's. Needed something else additionally. Got there and found NONE. Seriously, every item is barcoded and should be taken from inventory amounts when sold. Might have been theft, but seriously, is THIS really what you'd want to steal from Lowe's? Plenty of overpriced regular bits for doing far more useful things right around this empty rack. Indeed, online inventory data is complete BS. Not the first store I've had problems with.

Justin_O_Guy said...

You're a better man than I if you can straighten a mower blade. I've pounded a fair amount of metal, made my own tire tools to change the tire on the backhoe, from sucker rod. Not saying I Couldn't straighten that blade, just didn't Like the idea of using it after the torture of the event that bent it and the heating and beating it was gonna take to get it straight enough to use. IDK how bent yours is, but I had just put new blades on, it was the first mowing of the year, so I did all the To Do stuff on the mower. Mowed the same yard with the same deck settings I'd been using,, and located a Dammo Brick not five minutes in.. Noo, I wasn't pissed at all.

Firehand said...

Damn near a right angle about 3" in from one end. And, unsurprisingly, a bit twisted. I partly straightened it and will try to do more, but it would be a 'I HAVE to mow and the other blade is broken' to use it.

Anonymous said...

I needed a couple hundred feet of crown molding of a certain pattern. I finally found that pattern but the mfg said they only ship to retail stores. Like Home Depot.
So I called then followed up with in person visit to HD. They assured me, in writing, they could get my molding. Two weeks. (automatic eye roll right there)

At two weeks I call the store. Nope, not in. But you gaurenteed in writing, I sez. I got them t commit to calling their vendor then to call me. They did. In transit, sez them.

Two weeks later, I call them. Nope.
Can you check please? Is 'Carol', head of Special Orders Dept, in? She's my HD contact. She's not in, you'll have to call back.
When? What day, what time?
Leave her this message ...

A couple of days later, a lackey cheerfully says my order uss in, ready for pickup.
I arrive to find what has come in is not even close to the pattern of my molding, but is woefully short in lineal feet.

This incompetency, including false reports which initiate me driving to the store, cycles several more times over the next several months.

Finally! my molding has arrived. Are you sure? I'll need tou to measure the dimensions plus give the total feet.
Yep, it checks out. I'm on my way.

At the store 'Carol' proudly leads me to the special order rack. Way up there, on the top. 'Carol' climbs up the rack like a grunt in Basic on the obstacle course. Up and over, she sludes down me a bundle of my molding.

But wait, there's more. There is more. In fact, there is 12x more than what I ordered. But I notice some damage, the type whers shipping monkey didn't protect the contents from the very tight shipping bands.

There lie maybe 2,500 lineal feet of moulding on the floor. I cut open every pack to cull undamaged pieces in the amount I need plus extra from the lot. 'Carol' says I can take it all.

It turns out their every call to me was true. Theur shipping showed it had arrived. But their Special Order inventory did not. Neither did the whole store inventory show that it had arrived. But someone had received the order. And someone had put in on the rack.

I have a story involving plumbing parts and a retired plumber now working at HD. That story makes anything dreamed up by the Three Stooges like like experts.

Mind your own business said...

Was able to buy a rebuild kit for the mower deck for about $100, which included a new drive belt, three new spindles, and three new mower blades. It pays to shop around online.

Anonymous said...

Ran into that with Home Depot. Online, said all four parts I wanted were in stock, and gave me stocked quantities. Go to the store, none of the parts there. Frustrating.

Justin_O_Guy said...

The places that sell mowers, Longview lawn and Garden and Leslie's buy bearings from an industrial supply, also in Longview. They don't stock blades and belts,but they will order stuff. Yeah, shopping around is a grand idea. Before I found that supply house I had spent quite a bit on maintenance items. Finding the outfit that supplies the places where the regular folks buy parts saves me quite a bit. Gotta wait some, for belts and blades,tho..

B.C. said...

The main reason for stores not having what their inventory system says that they "should" have, but don't, is theft. Thanks to Soros/WEF/Slow Zho Xi Den, it's only going get worse, since our "diversity" crowd knows that they can get away with it.