Tuesday, May 30, 2023

A short ammo test

of a couple of things.The primary is some CCI .22lr, their Suppressor 22 with a 45-grain hollowpoint bullet.*  
This stuff is marked as 970fps, so very subsonic.  Usually I test stuff first at a local indoor range which has some 30 yard lanes; that day the ventilation was causing a draft at that end that was moving the target around, so moved it to 25 yards.  Ten rounds produced this
Which isn't bad, but I wasn't happy with my rest, so rearranged and fired another five
Which is more like it.  Through a suppressor, this stuff should be really quiet, too.  I do wish I had access to ballistic gel, as I'd love to see how this stuff expands.  I did run across this on YouTube, but no recovered bullets.

And yes, I saved the rest of the box to try at 50.  And maybe I can put some water jugs together.

That's the stuff from Widener's, the rest is stuff I've picked up over time, found, and decided to mess with.  One is some Eley Sport, a subsonic 40-grain round nose stuff that's been in a can for a few years.  I checked their site, and don't find quite the same stuff, which is a shame because it was a good price and shoots like this
I'm sure some of their current line is comparable, they're known for very good .22 ammo.

The other one was some of the Aguila .22LR Sniper Subsonic.  If you haven't run across this stuff, it's a long 60-grain bullet, with a short case to make the standard overall length.  Because of the projectile length, a lot of rifles don't like it, the rifling pitch being too slow to stabilize it.  I've tried this stuff in several rifles, some it keyholes at 25 yards, some it shoots nice groups.  Out of this rifle it gives groups like this

I've read that someone makes a barrel for the Ruger 10-22 that has a fast twist specifically for shooting this stuff, and it works well with it, but won't shoot standard 40 or 45-grain ammo well.  

And that's it for today.  It's supposed to be dry today and tomorrow, so I need to get some mowing done before it decides to rain again.  And laundry.  And so forth.

*First, a box provided by Widener's; second, do you realize HOW MANY versions of .22 CCI makes?


wildman said...

cci makes great ammo and components.

Anonymous said...

I tried out the 60 grain ammo a few years ago. bought a E.R. Shaw barrel with a 1 in 9 twist just to shoot it.
managed to score 5 bricks of the ammo before the price jump
back then it was like 6-7 bucks a box of 50.
the new barrel shot it very well. and I got it on sale too for 99 bucks. other than swapping out the barrel, nothing else was done to the 10/22 and it runs like a champ.
never had a keyhole in my Savage mark 11 with it.
but my old Winchester does not like it.
but the 10/22 does very well out to 150 yards. under 3 inch groups. over 200 it starts to open up fast.
dave in pa.

Matthew W said...

Going to doubt consistent expansion with the 45 grain.
But, would like to see it

Firehand said...

Anony, thanks for that

Anonymous said...

I did fool around with a few of the 60 grain rounds.
like filing a flat on the tip and some I even did a hollow
point on. more like a Cor-bon round and tried them on water filled milk jugs. they made much bigger holes with the flat tip and hollow than the plain round nose ones.
range was 75 yards or so. did okay at 100 too.
didn't check them for groups though, just hitting milk jugs
did put a blast deflector on it and it got quieter at my end while shooting. not sure I want to go thru the hassle of getting a suppressor or not. dave in pa.

Ritchie said...

I have observed that it can take upwards of a dozen shots, maybe more, to condition the barrel to a new load before the group size and POI settle into place. Shooting 10 each of this, that and the other tells you very little.

Firehand said...

Seems to vary by firearm. I've seen a couple do that, and others seem to work fine when changing over.

Plus I've got one box to mess with.