Thursday, June 23, 2022

On the front of that bipartisan "Screw the 2nd Amendment and other rights" bill,

No, I haven't had time to try to read the damn thing.  Among the crap in it appears to be
If ATF decides to write a new letter, and declares 'Any selling of firearms is business', you'd have to have a FFL to sell something.  I'd bet this is them looking to kill gun shows.

Companies hiring would be able to run applicants through the NICS system.  Can you say 'violation of various things'?

All the money and support for red flag laws that ignore due process.

Yes, if this piece of shit were passed and signed, it'd be in the courts almost immediately, and it'd still be doing huge damage.

I swear a bunch of Stupid Party members want the Evil Party to stay in power.


Rick said...

Such laws, as they do not comport with the U.S. Constitution, are null and void, as if they had never existed.
Any person acting, individually or in concert, to deprive, or obstruct, or interfere, the free expression of your natural rights, shall be subject to your determination, including lethal force, to protect and preserve said natural rights, with no penalty or harm to your person or estate.

So help me God.

skybill said...

Hi Firehand!!!!,
What Rick said!!!!

And I'll DOUBLE IT!!!!

'Think I'm Headin' to the Range..