Friday, June 18, 2021

It's nice that things are improving some,

but it seems to be taking forever!  

I know, I'm old, it's serious, and it'll take time.  Still seems should be a little faster than this.

And trying to get hold of whoever's taking calls so I can ask some questions is enough to make you consider a very loud visit to the place.  Dammit.

I shall now get some more to drink, make sure I have a phone close, and grumble.


jeff said...

Still the infection? Sorry I am not medically trained to advise you adequately. I do have some experiences.

I suggest you review the vitamin C and thiamine protocol and make certain your loved ones or attorney knows to insist on it in the event you get sepsis.

If you are not noticing actual improvement, the meds are probably not working and need to replaced or adjusted.

Physically re visit your medical provider BEFORE you get to the "loud" stage. Delaying treatment is dangerous to you. Being "calm and present" can help you work through bureaucracy.

Long term or immediately depending on your condition, consider a new, more responsive medical supplier.

Wishing you the Best.

jeff said...

Hello Firehand, tried posting similar earlier though may be in review. Wanted to be sure you did receive. I suggest you go re visit the medical provider before you are at the "loud" stage or before symptoms deteriorate (if they are not improving.) wishing you the best.

mike said...

Hope you're doing OK?

Backwoods Okie said...

Amen brother, I had shoulder surgery in March and I'm still hurting. Making for very bad temperament. Dogs and grandkids are the only ones that haven't suffered. Lol. Wife is really ready for me to be back to work or just some place else. Lol