Friday, July 30, 2021

My, the racists just can't stop, can they?

Addison Sarter, a former candidate for D.C. city council, will introduce a ballot initiative that would make areas of Washington, DC, into “autonomous regions” where only black Americans would be allowed to live.

So: we have woke college students wanting segregated dorms, and cafeterias, and 'minority only safe spaces'...

Man, it's amazing how many woke leftists have taken George 'Segregation yesterday... segregation tomorrow... segregation forever' Wallace as their idol


Kevin said...

I've got a picture of a water fountain with two, separated taps. One photo has a caption, "Segregation" and has a tap marked "Colored Only." The other has the caption "Social Justice," and the tap is marked "Blacks Only."

Anonymous said...

Might be a bonus ... if that is the only place they are allowed to live