Saturday, July 31, 2021

Garbage like this is why so many people don't trust cops,

and don't trust the courts, either.  Qualified immunity needs to be either cut WAY back, or done away with entirely.
In November of 2018, Lucil Basco of Bexar County, Texas, awoke to a thunderous boom, followed by a parade of eight cops barging through her front door. She was handcuffed, and, with her screaming child, removed from the premises. The officers soon realized they made a mistake: They had the wrong house, based on incorrect information from a confidential informant. Yet they continued the operation anyway.
Read the whole thing.  Breakables warning in effect.

Every one of the clowns involved in this should be fired, and if their agency was worth a damn they'd have done it.

Also, 'continued the operation' means "Oh shit, we've got the wrong place!  Well, keep digging and maybe we can find something to use against her."  

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