Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Very Real Danger of Politically Sanctioned Violence

Multiple good points.  I'm going to quote one, because remember the Portland cops doing nothing while Antifa attacked people, smashed up their vehicles and threatened them, but sprang into action the moment one of the attacked defended himself? 

4. The police are not coming! To put this bluntly, American law enforcement, especially in urban areas, has been totally neutered. Police departments have been “defunded,” lost a huge percentage of their officers, lost qualified immunity and know that neither their department or the politicians in the area they serve will back them up. They know that if they help you, they will suffer your fate — or worse. The videos don’t lie. You cannot watch the videos of the on-going riots without understanding that you are on your own. This is harsh, but it is no less true. Should you call 911? Absolutely, because it puts you in the best light if the event should end up in court. Just don’t expect the cavalry to come riding over the hill.  

Further: remember, if things to completely to hell, no matter how justified your use of force is the left- which includes most of our media- will paint you as a demon responsible for all ills.  You may even have that demented shithead Maxine Waters demanding the jury convict you 'or else'.  Barring a miracle, this shit is going to get worse before(if) it gets better.


Anonymous said...

I disagree in calling 911. Take care of business yourself, if possible. Silent, stealth and swift. Ohio Guy

Dan said...

Te obvious solution to the problem is violence. Violence directed specifically at the criminals infesting office. They allow and often promulgate this insanity.