Wednesday, April 21, 2021

For your entertainment and disgust, I bring you this idiocy:

A: If she means this, she's too damn stupid to be out in public without a keeper.
B: If she doesn't, she's  trying to turn a legitimate use of lethal force into something else to riot about, and she's disgusting.

In case you haven't hear about this, story here.  Short version: emergency call, cop rolls up and one female is trying very hard to carve open another.  Cop shoots, puts the attacker down.

Which means, in current idiocy, that the usual suspects- including the fucking ACLU- have labeled the cop a murderer who shot a poor 16-year-old girl.  Which was added to by a brainless celebrity named Lebron James:
Who, when someone pointed out just how Effing Stupid this was, deleted it.  

When the cops had a press conference, including the video, the usual idiot journalists vomited stupidity all over, including
"What de-escalation techniques did he try before shooting" and
"Why didn't he try to shoot her in the arm?"
What moron editor considered these clowns capable of being out interviewing people?


Justin_O_Guy said...

Betcha if someone was about to carve her guts she would be wishing someone would shoot them on the backstroke.

Fred said...

Time to quit responding to black people problems.

Dan said...

There can be no coexisting with the insane criminal left. It is US OR THEM....and if we don't start exterminating them soon there won't be a damn thing worthwhile left of America.

cannon said...

that 16 year old girl could play defense lineman for the cleveland browns.
i don't think the officer carded her to check her age before she started swinging the knife.
if it looks like an adult, and is attacking like an adult, SHOOT.


I hate to come across as cruel, vicious, and bloodthirsty, but it would be great if these morons could get stabbed to death by teenage black girls in front of a cop who did nothing because that would be raaaaaacist if he did.