Tuesday, April 20, 2021

A note from the Civilian Marksmanship Program


Dear CMP Family,

The CMP advises to not use .30/06 ammunition in M1 Garands, 1903s, and 1903A3s that is loaded beyond 50,000 CUP and has a bullet weight more than 172-174gr. These rifles are at least 70 years old and were not designed for max loads and super heavy bullets. Always wear hearing and eye protection when firing an M1 Garand, 1903 and/or 1903A3 rifle.

This warning is an update/addition to the Ammunition section in the Read This First manual enclosed with each rifle shipment (M1 Garand manual-page 6 and M1903 manual-page 10).

Civilian Marksmanship Program


Sailorcurt said...

Mayhap they've had some kabooms reported?

Does this mean that using an adjustable gas plug to reduce the pressures to the gas piston isn't good enough to use factory .30-06 ammo in a Garand?

It's been common knowledge for years that the Garand gas system can't handle modern factory loads intended for bolt guns, but they're including bolt guns in their warning, so are they saying that the Garand chamber may not handle it either?

A lot of match shooters use 170-175 grain bullets so that could be a big deal.

I personally have had good luck with 165 Grain Sierra HPBT over 46.5 grains of IMR 4895. I don't know the pressures, but that gives me right around 2560fps at the muzzle. Unfortunately, my barrel's not that great so the best it can do is maybe 2.5 to 3 moa, but it's original so I'm reluctant to replace it. My current Garand is a Korean era International Harvester from CMP.

I used to have a 1944 Springfield receiver that had already been rebuilt and had a Kreiger barrel. It wasn't truly a match rifle, but it was close enough for me. That one could hold close to 1moa if I did my part. Unfortunately, I got robbed several years ago and that rifle is gone. The "new" one I got from CMP is more original, but not nearly as tight and accurate as my rebuilt Springfield. I miss that rifle. Maybe it'll turn up someday. I can't imagine M1 Garands are that popular with gang bangers and the serial would pop as stolen if it shows up at a pawn shop or auction. I can always hope anyway.

Firehand said...

I suspect some newer shooters, never exposed to the 'Don't use ammo hotter than it was designed for, in a Garand' have damaged theirs, so they decided to make an announcement.

They'd never have heard of the adjustable gas plug either.

Jeffery in Alabama said...

I am fairly new to the "Garand Experience" and consider myself a novice. I do have friends who are true Garand gurus and they are not advocates of shooting 220 grain Core-Lokt or some other high pressure hunting rounds through a Garand, but most concur that standard hunting ammo can be fired in a well greased serviceable Garand without changing the gas port, etc. and without damage to the rifle. I know there are tons of pro and con information out there pertaining to this subject. Below is very informative video full of factual data and hands on testing. The CMP statement seems to be more of CYA disclaimer (why else would they include bolt guns?). As for me, I'll continue to buy 150 grain ammo designed for the M1 from CMP or other sources as long as it is available. In the event the world goes full Mad Max, I'll shoot what I can find though it. LOL!