Monday, October 19, 2020

So, is Fecesbook and Twatter blocking this too?

An email thread that appears to show Hunter Biden pursuing a lucrative energy business deal in China — and possibly cutting his father in on the action — has been verified as authentic by one of its recipients, Fox News reported Friday night.

The Fox report also cast light on a tantalizing mystery in the emails, as first raised by The Post — a reference to 10 percent of the proposed business’s equity perhaps going to “The big guy.”

“The big guy” was a reference to Joe Biden, Fox revealed, citing unnamed “sources.”

We'll see if any of the Professional Journalists will actually start investigating, or if they'll keep playing cover for Biden.


Anonymous said...

The election is in three weeks. The national media is absolutely going to go all in for Biden at this point.

Patrick D said...

Anonymous is a stupid. The election is in two weeks.