Thursday, December 17, 2020

'principled decision' my ass: Roberts and six of the other Supremes are chickenshit and cowards,

and God knows what price we'll pay for it.

I wonder if this is part of whatever blackmail/payoff someone has on Roberts, or if he's just this sorry a bastard?

Found at Miguel's place


Steve said...

Isn't there a pic of Roberts swimming in the surf at Epsteins Island?

riverrider said...

not just him, they must have gotten to all of them. but i suppose if the cia showed me gunsight footage of my kids asleep in their beds with a black clad hitman pointing a gun at them i might cave too. who knows how they get to them, but they do.

Andy said...

Well now we know it won't only be politicians decorating the lamp posts when spicy time comes around.