Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Sounds just like the enviroweenies here, doesn't it?

HA: When it comes to deindustrialisation, let’s talk about your party – the SPD.

FV: Unfortunately, the SPD no longer has its core base in mind. There is already a party for the hip, green urban clientele, but employees in the steel, chemical or car industries have been lost sight of. The little people will now be punished with a CO2 tax from January onwards. In the first year this will cost the average household €270, and this amount is set to rise steadily to over €600.

HA: Your party sees this in a positive light.
FV: Yes, unfortunately. A climate and energy policy geared to the interests of employees looks different. Helmut Schmidt was interested in this. In my last conversation with him about the causes of climate change, he told me: “Fritz, I don’t believe a word the UN says.”
Get the feeling the enviroweenies are not at all happy to have these unpleasant truths put out in the open.

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