Monday, September 21, 2020

I can't mow

because the dew was so heavy it might as well have rained, I'm not lifting anything heavy because the back has been having some difficulty, and it was a long past few days; I think I'm going to take it easy today.

On the ammo and components situation at the place I work: for about three weeks had no small pistol or rifle primers except Remington 6 1/2 rifle, and those were bought up in the end by people planning on using them for pistol.  Some Remington Large Rifle, which for some reason people didn't seem to want(no experience with them so can't comment), still some large rifle magnum as of yesterday.

No 9mm, .38, or .40 bullets, still have .45 and .44.  Range brass is selling about as fast as it's processed and bagged.  Rifle bullets other than .223 a fair amount, and a few 100-round boxes of 50 & 53-grain .223, most people wanting bulk in that(surprised those boxes were left). 

Powder is getting short, with most of the 'use for 9mm/.40/.45' being out right now.

Did a bit of looking around, a lot of bullets and powders are still available but you'd have to order, primers are short everywhere.  Guy who came in a week or so ago mentioned he'd bought a thousand small rifle at a gun show for $125, because he had none and couldn't find any anywhere.

I think we're out of almost every kind/brand of loading press, too.

Firearms... longer-barrel shotguns and bolt rifles for hunting are in pretty good supply, but AR patterns, AKs, shorter shotguns, are in very short supply.  Handguns selling just as fast, especially those suitable for concealed carry/self-defense.  LOTS of first-time buyers, and the 'learn to shoot' and CCW classes are full for at least the next month, some longer.

I hope the "We want to ban everything" clowns are paying attention, because all these people are not buying things just to turn them in to some .gov office. 

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