Monday, August 31, 2020

"Why don't you trust the Science?" they wail

Because there are politicians and bureaucrats involved in this 'Science', and they lie.
On Aug. 19, Rebecca Sunenshine took part in live streamed press conference to discuss Maricopa County’s COVID-19 statistics for July. And she admitted that the overall number of deaths in Maricopa County attributed to the virus has nothing to do solely with a deceased’s cause of death.

Sunenshine, the county’s Medical Director of Disease Control, stated that Maricopa County’s COVID-19 death count includes people who tested positive days, sometimes weeks, prior to dying, despite a lack of any medical evidence that the coronavirus played a role in the person’s death.

“Even if it’s not listed on their death certificate, anyone who has a COVID-19 positive test within a certain period of when they died is also counted as a COVID-19 positive death,” she said.

Throw in this from the CDC, which is boils down to "If you don't have some other serious health problem, your risk from this isn't much".  Which isn't what lots of idiots have been screaming for months, is it?

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