Wednesday, September 02, 2020

A nice addition to Walker earmuffs

I've got a set of Walker Razor muffs that work pretty well, with one problem that's developed: the pads have become fairly stiff, almost hard.  Which means both they're uncomfortable and don't seal very well.

Enter these gel replacement pads.  The old pads popped off*, these snapped in.  HUGE difference, they're far more comfortable and seal a lot better, especially around my glasses earpieces.  Also: with some rifles, I have to shift the stock-side muff up; with the old pads that made plugs as well as muffs a requirement.  With these pads they still seal pretty well, which makes a big difference in the noise level.

I've only had them a few weeks, so far they don't seem to be collapsing or doing anything else obnoxious.  As of now, I'd rate them "Get a set."

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