Saturday, February 08, 2020

If this bastard and staff get immunity, then in the near future

they need to be found decorating trees.

And the idiot judge who give it to them should follow.
Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro issued fake subpoenas to pressure victims and witnesses to testify. Now facing a lawsuit, the Louisiana prosecutor is arguing that the practice falls under the umbrella of absolute immunity—the doctrine that says prosecutors cannot face civil action for carrying out their official duties.

The good news is that there's a strong chance the courts won't buy it.

The Lens uncovered Cannizzaro's tactic in April 2017. He would send people notifications telling them to appear in court or face fines or jail time. The documents were neither authorized by a judge nor issued by a county clerk, the proper channels for subpoenas. Cannizzaro's office was producing them itself. Worse yet: Even though the subpoenas were unlawful, he really did jail people who didn't obey them.
This is disgusting.  And horrible.  And should involve a whipping post before the decorating.

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skybill said...

Hi Firehand!!!,
'REALLY!!!???? It's typical Louisiana and especially New Orleans!!! 'Ya know yer' from Louisiana when as a kid the first "BIG WORD" you learn in school or for that matter back when watching the WDSU 6 o'clock news with Alex Gifford and Bradon Chase was "MALFEASANCE!!!!!!!"
'I recall watching the news 2 weeks after a big local election and Alex and Brandon would spend 20 minutes reading off "Malfeasance in office" charges levied against many of these politicians!!!!!! This went on for several daze or more!!!!!!!
Laissez les bon temps rouler!!!!!!!!,