Saturday, September 21, 2019

Yes, it's a war, and these idiots

want to break the tools that- hell, just read:
"To decarbonize," wrote Ben Tarnoff in the Guardian to his online readers, "we must decomputerize."
[M]uch of the electricity that powers the cloud is generated by burning fossil fuels. As a result, machine learning has a large carbon footprint... training a model for natural-language processing – the field that helps “virtual assistants” like Alexa understand what you’re saying – can emit as much as 626,155lb of carbon dioxide. That’s about the same amount produced by flying roundtrip between New York and Beijing 125 times. ...

To decarbonize, we need to decomputerize.

This proposal will no doubt be met with charges of Luddism. Good: Luddism is a label to embrace. The Luddites were heroic figures and acute technological thinkers. ... Luddism urges us to consider: progress towards what and progress for whom? Sometimes a technology shouldn’t exist. Sometimes the best thing to do with a machine is to break it.
I wonder if this moron understands the actual short- and long-term consequences of what he's pushing?  Or if he considers all the people dead to be a plus.


Dan said...

Is it time for the "Butlerian Jihad" that Frank Herbert wrote of?

Differ said...

Dan your reference to Butlerian Jihad prompted a long and interesting conversation with my teenage daughter... We even put our phones down for an hour!