Saturday, September 07, 2019

Why more and more people go with "Public schools are child abuse"

On the second day of class her son’s 10th grade English II Honors teacher distributed a “Diversity Inventory” worksheet and called on students to reveal their religion, economic status, and sexual preference.

The students were then instructed to stand under “titles” that asked questions like, “what makes you the most privileged?”

The teacher, who identified herself to students as bisexual, told the class she is privileged because she is white, Mrs. Bartus told me.

“According to my son there were kids that did not want to answer them but she made them,” she said. “The questions are not only inappropriate, but they are none of her business.”
Social Engineering instead of education.  "Your children will be made to think correctly!"

The standard-issue response from the school:
The Wake County Public School System said they have instructed the teacher to discontinue the lesson immediately, the Raleigh News & Observer reports.
“The Diversity Inventory worksheet in question is not a district-approved resource,” they told the newspaper. “We will continue to work with educators on how to effectively lead important conversations connected to identity, culture and other sensitive topics as appropriate.”
"See, we're doing something.  Now shut up and let us get on with indoctrinating your kid in Good Think."

There's another slight problem with the response:
The North Carolina Values Coalition found that the teachers at this school district are involved in a district-sponsored program called WCPSS Equity.

This office promotes a far-left "social justice" curriculum written by the controversial anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center. The assignment, created by Wilson, is taken from lessons found on a website founded by the SPLC called The district also contributes to via articles written by at least one staff member, assistant superintendant of WCPSS, Rodney Trice, who wrote:
Go read the rest.  Enough to get you really pissed off.

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