Thursday, June 20, 2019

Why there should be a gallows in the town square

Except that in the craphole that is Seattle/King County, they'd probably use them on the victim.  For causing anguish to the felon or something.
Except in King County they'd probably use them on the victim for causing anguish to the felon.

Illegal alien, I'm betting(chickenshit paper doesn't say) rapes woman.  What followed:

A: However, Jane was upset to find that the King County Prosecutor’s Office charged Carranza-Ramirez with rape in the third degree. According to Washington state law, third-degree rape is a class C felony that encompasses date rape, but not violent rape.

“I was very angry and upset when I found out what the initial charge was, and I immediately wrote a letter … disputing [it] and saying why that wasn’t good enough,” Jane said.

The prosecutor’s office told her that they use a conservative filing policy to file lower charges, in the hopes that suspects will plead guilty quicker.
"What, you want us to actually do our jobs?  It's easier this way."

B: While he was sentenced to 12 months in jail, King County Superior Court Judge Nicole Gaines Phelps released him for the nearly nine months already served, on the conditions that he would return to Mexico, have no contact with Jane, and register as a sex offender. The court served him with a Sexual Assault Protection Order and ordered him to get on a plane to California on Monday, and then cross the border to Mexico by land.
He raped her twice, with her kid there, and GOT OUT ON NINE MONTHS SERVED... Because Nicole Phelps is a fucking idiot who probably considered him a poor victim of something, and didn't give a rats ass about the actual victims.

And they just turned the bastard loose to return to Mexico.  Even though
According to court documents, Carranza-Ramirez stated that murdering Jane would “set him free.”

C: Just as Jane dreaded, she says he found her and violently attacked her just three days after his release. He allegedly hit her in the face with a long, stick-like object, knocked her out of her wheelchair, and choked her as her son cried nearby.

The judge needs to be flogged at the least, and hanging would probably be appropriate.  The other morons involved, who did nothing to protect the victims, oh, let's go with the flogging.  And disbarment for the lawyers.  At least for a start.


Jason said...

To bad she lacked either the financial wherewithal or the mentality to get a handgun and plant that POS. He will do this again somewhere else to another woman or, heaven forbid, a girl. I wish being a vigilante could pay the bills.

Toastrider said...

It's like they WANT to be lynched by furious citizens...