Monday, June 17, 2019

Unless Barr & Co. force it, or Wray has a BIG change of attitude,

the EffingBI SHOULD never be trusted again; if the place isn't cleaned out it's not worthy of trust.
The media (and the Democrats, of course) deliberately missed the point because you would have to be seriously intellectually challenged not to get why Trump might have been hesitant or ambivalent about going to the FBI. These days only a total dimwit would unquestioningly trust the supposed "world's greatest law enforcement agency." The FBI is under a dark cloud.

The litany of personages who have recently left or been expelled from that organization is long and getting longer. As is well known, it's under investigation for its practices during and before the Mueller probe, via the inspector general and recently-appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is famed for prosecuting FBI agents with ties to the Boston mob. All this is being supervised by AG William Barr.

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Anonymous said...

The police at every level. Have become, violent, corrupt, and untrustworthy. We have Departments here in Kentucky who's antics make the old MAFIA seem tame. Drug dealing, Gun running. Kiddy porn. Contract murder, theft, rape , GANG RAPE OF CHILDREN, and they get away with it even after confessing on the record. In every state we see story's and see video's of unarmed people gunned down for sport. Often by men in black uniforms armed with machine guns. Like the homeless man who was machine gunned at his camp sight TEN MILES outside the local cops jurisdiction, or the van loaded with nine children that was machine gunned by two cops just because they could. The man made to crawl on his hands and knees, unarmed and helpless while the sadistic NAZI scum played "Simon Says"...Untill he got the order wrong and the cops murdered him for fun. Welcome to America Pal. No one with a badge will be punished. Oh! they might get six months in club fed. Enjoying catered meals and Tennis. But that it. AND: This will not get any better until WE make it better. RULE .308 is the only thing left they respect or fear.--Ray