Wednesday, June 12, 2019

'A few bad apples'...

Couple of days ago had the radio on and listened to Sean Hannity inform us that the EffingBI is made up of GREAT! field agents, and it's only a few bad apples in DC that are the problem.


The EffingBI(and the CIA, and Do'J') need to be cleaned out.  Either by the ones who actually care about honesty and honor, or from outside, but if it's not cleaned out it should never be trusted again.  About much of anything.

Speaking of the Do'J', those prosecutors involved in the Sen. Stevens mess aren't the only arrogant lawbreakers in the agency.  Again, either clear these people out and work hard to prevent this happening again, or go away because you cannot be trusted.


Anonymous said...

50 years ago and more I was actively involved in the politics of the time. We used to say that FBI stood for he Feeble Bureau of Instigation. If someone joined one of our groups and immediately started talking up bombs and cop killings and such, we knew who they worked for and avoided them. They only got the stupid ones, they were also real good at lying under oath.
Don't see much has changed. If they catch a "terrorist" it is usually some 1/2 wit that has to be lead through the whole process and isn't smart enough to tell a real bomb from a fake one. They still seem to have mad lying skills.

markm said...

I call them Fibbies. What they seem to be best at, other than lying, is knowing how to entrap a suspect without getting the case thrown out for entrapment. But the worst entrapment cases I remember weren't FBI, IIRC (and were acquitted):

3. Marion Barry, back in the Reagan or Bush I administration: The DEA (and possibly other agencies) put out a bigger effort to catch the Mayor of DC snorting coke with a hooker than they do for most drug kingpins. The jury acquitted him, supposedly because of entrapment, but I think this was jury nullification because it was so obviously political. IMO, there were a hundred good reasons to send Barry to prison, but using a bit of coke supplied by the cops wasn't one of them

2. Randy Weaver, need I say more.

1. Also in DC back in the Reagan or Bush I administration: Someone in the White House wanted someone to be caught dealing drugs in the park right across the street. I forget the name of this park, but it was always full of demonstrators and cops watching the demonstrators. So of course there were no drug dealers. And so an undercover cop went to another part of the city with his informant to set up a buy there with the dumbest teenage drug dealer they could find.

They were wired for sound, and had to play the tape in court. (Then it was repeatedly played for comedy on the local radio talk stations.) This product of the DC public schools (until he was 16 and could officially drop out) had never heard of the park. They told him it was across from the White House. He'd never heard of that either. I'd guess he knew nothing about the source of all legitimate paying jobs in DC, because he'd also never heard of legitimate paying jobs. They finally drove him to the park to sell drugs to another undercover cop. The jury found him not guilty, probably taking only long enough to let out all the laughs they'd had to suppress in the courtroom.