Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Yeah, "Your speech is violence, but our violence is free speech!"

is what we've been dealing with for a while now.  A leftist says something offensive and is called on it, "You're inciting violence against them, stop it!"  A leftist actually incites violence, "You're just trying to keep us from speaking!"  Etc.

I wonder if most of these idiots have any idea just what kind of blowback they're setting themselves up for with this?  I know some of them want this crap to blow up("This helps set up the Revolution!", etc.), but I think an awful lot of them just have no understanding of what's going to happen if it does.


Grog said...

And that's the rub, most of them either think the ruckus can be controlled or have no idea how ugly it will be, as you said. And those of us who do have a good understanding of history and how ugly it will be, don't want this to happen, but the leftists/socialists don't care what we want, so there's no other option except to get ready and buy lots of ammo.

rms/pa said...

these fools calling for revolution live in cities.
i recommend they read the "900 days" what happens when the logistics of a city is discombobulated.