Saturday, April 13, 2019

Why, you'd think NYeffingCity doesn't want this to go to court...

New York City decided to change a portion of its gun laws related to the transport of firearms just a few months after the Supreme Court decided to review a lawsuit scrutinizing the city’s gun control laws.
"If we change this, and keep it from going to the SC, we can change it back later.  And if it goes to the SC and we lose, it'll affect laws in a lot of other places" is what I imagine is going through minds.  Especially after this:
The state of New York lost in court over its ban on stun guns and tasers last month when a federal judge ruled that the state’s prohibition of the devices by “all citizens for all purposes, even for self-defense in one’s own home, must be declared unconstitutional.” 
That must've caused severe butthurt throughout the city: "Imagine, all those commoners can have those things now!  This is terrible!"

I look forward to far worse butthurt in the future.

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