Friday, April 12, 2019

If this crap passes, more people will leave Californicated

(and those who can't will make plans for when they can), which means a smaller tax base, which means these idiots will want to raise even more taxes...

Just picking one of this mix of "We need more money! AND we need more control over people!",
Following a national trend – and concerns over the risks of obesity and diabetes – Democratic lawmakers in the state have proposed a tax on the sugary beverages, which include soft drinks, sweetened iced teas, coffees and sports drinks. While details have remained vague on how much these taxes would be, Democratic Assemblyman Richard Bloom has supported a 20-cent-per-ounce tax in previous proposals.
I foresee a blossoming of smuggling of any "How dare you want to drink something we disapprove of!" drinks.

Someone should propose a tax on illegal aliens; that would raise one helluva lot, except the illegals wouldn't pay it and Californicated wouldn't try to make them.  Also, that's probably the ONE tax those idiots wouldn't support.

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