Friday, December 21, 2018

Taking a lesson(several, actually) from Trudeau's idiocies

Lesson 1: A failure to recognize past failures dictates calls for more restrictive legislation.
Lesson 2: Politicians prefer grand gestures over measured policies.
Lesson 3: Long term and secondary consequences are rarely considered.
Lesson 2 fits with Uncle's definition that " 'Gun control' is what politicians do instead of something."  And I'm going to borrow this from that part of the article:
Canadian lawmakers have failed to address the primary driver of gun violence: gangs. Demands for gun control routinely displace calls for measured policies that target this problem.
Ignoring the dangers of gang violence, the demand for a national gun ban is matched only by the push for lowering judicial sanctions for violent crimes. Still, the gun ban’s popularity remains high as political half-measures are designed to placate voters rather than protect them.


2ABill said...

Lawmakers have also failed to address the cause of the soaring rate of gang violence; the idiotic "War on Drugs". That, and ANY OTHER LAW that produces a black market with stupendous profits endangers the citizenry more than do the very things they intend to suppress.

Unknown said...

In other words, show them a shiny nickel and they are dumb enough to ignore the stack of crumpled green paper