Thursday, November 08, 2018

Tab clearing

'Bureaucrats who need to be flogged' for a thousand, Alex.
Banks are incredibly sensitive to any type of pressure from federal regulators, and they know that the regulators have enormous discretion. The new revelations are quite scary because they show exactly what federal regulators can do with that discretion – even to law-abiding citizens. As Rep. Luetkemeyer points out:

Call somebody a nazi apologist for quoting something stupid you out put in public.  Yeah, that works.

The late Jennifer Lynch, QC, then head of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, used to talk about "balancing" free speech with other rights - and, then as now, "balancing" is code for nullifying: If your right to free speech has to be balanced with people's "feelings", then as a practical matter there is no free speech.

Yeah, she's a Democrat.

People who should be in jail for trespassing.  But, surprise!, the DC cops are apparently nowhere to be found.

And the asshats at Twatter apparently have no problem with being used by antifa to promote hate and threats.


Rob said...

What if they aren't "being used by antifa"?

Firehand said...

Either way, Twatter seems to have a very one-way tolerance of people calling for riot, vandalism and personal injury