Saturday, August 11, 2018

Well, that's annoying

Discovered that in Windows 10 there are a BUNCH of apps that run in the background, including Edge, without you actively turning them on.  And a bunch of them will 'share' your data without asking or you knowing.

This, by the way, is on top of the 'Here's how to keep Microsoft from spying on you' stuff that was already turned off.

Bill Gates & Co. need a boot up the ass.


Jeffersonian said...

Four years ago, maybe more, Windows XP blew up in my face for the last time, and I made the leap to Linux Mint, which looks and feels a lot like XP without spying on me, or costing me hundreds of dollars, or barfing its registry all over my stuff. There is very little I used to do in Windows which I can't do in Linux, and very nearly all of it is free:

Anonymous said...

I think Bill G. was out of Microsoft ( retired, like, I think he could well afford to ) some time prior to Windows 10. That is NOT a golden ticket for those who did the writing on W10, just an observation.