Sunday, August 05, 2018

Meanwhile, in the land run by cowards and fools

where Great Britain used to be,
Services are ill-prepared to deal with these crimes and frightened of causing cultural offence, the HJS report shows.  Survivors said they felt “let down by professionals in social services and schools” because they failed to identify the risks or intervene in cases of forced marriage.

Some of those who escaped forced marriage and spoke out to police and social workers were encouraged to return to the families that endangered them, despite explaining their grave fears.

Several also reported receiving no emotional or practical support from the professionals they went to for help – and that professionals put them at further risk by failing to take immediate action.
Yeah, kind of like all those girls being abused by 'Asian' rape(excuse me, 'grooming') gangs, isn't it?

By the way:
The big fear that people have is that they don’t want to be seen to be racist. We need to stop treading on eggshells and deal with this as a safeguarding issue. If you had a white girl disappearing for three weeks then safeguarding would be alerted; alarm bells would be going off.”
Unless they're being abused by one of the aforementioned gangs, in which case they or parents trying to sound alarm bells wind up being further abused by the authorities.

Yeah, let's be like the leftists and wish we were still run by Parliament, right?

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0007 said...

First the point needs to be continuously stated that islim IS NOT A RACE. After that the rest will be somewhat easier.