Monday, August 06, 2018

Well, crap

While back, going through an antique shop with my folks, looked over an original Sharps, 1874 model.  Looked pretty good, but the bore was sewer pipe.

Mentioned this to some people, and was informed that there are a couple of people around who can reline a barrel like that; that way you preserve the original and it's made shootable.  I'd known about relining barrels, did not know you could do it on something like a .45-70.

Go back to look again, and it's gone.



Dan said...

Wasn't unheard for people to take an old 45-70 single shot like a Sharps and
turn it into a .410 shotgun by reaming the barrel. This of course was before
the rifles became 'collectible'. I have one.....and am considering having
the bore relined.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've learned that one the hard way too. If it really grabs you from the get-go and you have the green to purchase it, get it. You can always let it go if it later disappoints or you change your mind.