Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Silencing the Opposition Is Like Tamping Down a Powder Keg

A lot of the people who really need to read this, won't; some of those that do will pooh-pooh it because "That could never be turned back on us!" or some equally stupid bit of reasoning.  A taste:
I do care about the fact that tech giants in more or less monopolistic positions got together to ban him form online presence at the same time.

It is a classical Left thing. The things they get the press and the tech tycoons to do under the name of proving they're "good people" and on the "right side of history," you couldn't pay thinking traitors to do.

These people aren't thinking or examining the consequences of their actions:
  • The journalists: Because they were exquisitely indoctrinated and live in an echo chamber. (And ain't too bright, as we have proof of daily. See this. Dear Lord, do journalism schools keep their graduates from ever meeting real humans?)
  • The tycoons: Because they're only really good at tech and using tech in commerce and marketing. They're fairly hopeless dweebs otherwise. They're partly scared of being the target of a lefty lynch mob (why, yes, they always were good at those, both real and metaphorical) and partly want to signal that they're on the side that will "win the future" — as their professors, their mommies, and their more socially clued-in (but often far dumber) wives told them would happen.
This is why the takeover of tech companies by the Left happened without anyone noticing. So they banned Alex Jones.

Along the same lines, a piece from(of all places) Rolling Stone.

Couple of days ago on Bookface a friend had a thread in which some Right-Thinking People were opining about how national socialists are horrible, and they shouldn't be allowed to march in public with their flag and such 'because that's not speech, it's incitement, and that's illegal!'  Pointing out that that line of reasoning couldwould come around to bite them in the ass didn't matter: "After we get rid of the national socialists* then we can consider other incitements that need to be banned."  With either a scary willingness to control any speech they don't approve of, or a really stupid belief that it won't sink fangs into them, oh no!

Throw in some media, who couldn't exist without actual free speech, now saying they'd be quite ok with some suitable bureaucrat(chosen by them or some other Right-Thinking Person) censoring what would be allowed in public discourse, and this is some scary shit.  It really is.

*No, they always say 'nazis', and often get upset when you call them by their proper name

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Anonymous said...

So the same people and companies who were screaming the loudest about retaining Obama’s Net Neutrality turn out to be the same ones who are the first to restrict the information being distributed on their platforms of choice. Funny that.
1+1 does not always equal 2. The ability to hold two conflicting thoughts and accepting both. 1984 was not intended as an operations manual.
Wandering Neurons