Thursday, August 16, 2018

Short version: "Suck it, you hoplophobic control freaks."

The DOJ said that the argument employed by the state AGs in their request addresses concerns beyond what the State Department has the power to regulate.
"Plaintiffs misunderstand the fundamental limit on the State Department's authority," DOJ said in the brief. "According to Plaintiffs, the Government's export-related determinations—specifically with respect to the export of technical data developed by Defense Distributed—have jeopardized their ability to protect the safety and health of their residents."

DOJ said the AGs are concerned with potential crimes committed by those in the United States if the files published by Wilson were to be downloaded by criminals in their states. However, DOJ said, the State Department's power to regulate the export of firearms does not allow it to ban the publication of information in the United States out of fear that domestic criminals may misuse it.
'Gun-phobic mayors told to piss off; Watts, Bloomberg & Feinstein hardest hit'

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