Sunday, August 12, 2018

Someone posted a XKCD cartoon that basically said

'Flying a National Socialist flag is actually incitement, so not protected speech.'  Which sounds nice.

I wonder if the leftists pushing this will like it when it's applied to protesters carrying Soviet or PRC flags?  After all, they promoted the mass-murder of whole classes of people.

Or is that another "It's different when WE do it!" thing?


a bear said...

I think I've seen that one. It's not actually XKCD, though, just some wannabe fascist with PowerPoint.

B P said...

Scratch out "National", repost. Enjoy popcorn.

Jeffersonian said...

I quit reading XKCD after he had a strip endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Leigh said...

I'm with you, Jeffersonian. I used to read XKCD almost daily, I took issues with some of his topics, but people don't always agree on things. Then the "I'm with her", page come out - haven't been back since.

Whitehall, NY