Thursday, May 10, 2018

"I support your freedom of speech, but

shut up" the university explained.
“It was brought to my attention that students were uncomfortable with the letter that Nicole read during open mic last week,” the official wrote in the email. “While I am in support of your freedom of speech, I was implored to reach out you both by more than one student.”

“Anytime I receive a complaint I have to follow up,” she continued. “The unwritten policy has always been after one complaint, you receive a verbal warning and any complaint after than may result in being asked to not perform at open mic. I’ve already had to utilize this unwritten rule once this semester.”
'Unwritten rule'.  Translation: "We won't put this in writing because we could be sued or something."

And Marx forbid some of the snowflakes be made uncomfortable by what someone says!  What do some people think this is, a place to learn?

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Country Boy said...

That's when you get a dozen like minded friends together and complain about every liberal speaker. If they hold to their "unwritten rules", a dozen complainers can shut down every possible liberal. However, I'll bet there's another unwritten rule that says any complaint filed by a conservative will be considered hate speech and the conservative will be invited to leave campus.