Sunday, May 06, 2018

He didn't shoot him, club him, nothing like that:

He tackled him.  That's it.  And the response:
Officer Guzley remains on patrol but is awaiting potential discipline. One of Guzley’s own supervisors filed the complaint against him with Seattle’s Office of Police Accountability.

The investigation is for "failure to de-escalate." The case remains open, but the recommendation is for Guzley to receive a two-day suspension without pay.
Read the whole thing to find out just how fucking stupid this is.  And just how much that supervisor needs that badge shoved up his ass.


Toastrider said...


See, I've criticized cops before for keeping their brains in the same holster as their sidearms. But this is like some bizarrely inverted version of that.

Discipline a cop for an unarmed tackle? And the guy had been convicted of robbery! What was he doing wandering around?

Anonymous said...

The cop stopped someone showing signs of violence and weilding an axe. They are just pissy the cop didn't shoot him.


Phssthpok said...

Dollars to donuts this is a direct response (in a 'the pendulum swings the other way' sense) to the cop who shot a partially deaf homeless man from behind approx 3 seconds after exiting his patrol car because he jaywalked with a small whittling knife in his hand.

IMHO, this current situation (Tackling instead of shooting/tasing) is the epitome of 'de-escalation' under the circumstances, said officer should receive a pat on the back in some form or another.

Dan said...

This may be one of those very rare instances of an actual "good cop". And as such the rest of the barrel cannot and WILL NOT tolerate him.
His actions were commendable. The VAST majority of American badgemonkeys would have blown holes in the thief the INSTANT he raised the axe. And that may be ONE of the reasons this cop is being chastised. By acting responsibly and with restraint he makes all the trigger happy ones look terrible in comparison.

Anonymous said...

This all started in Seattle when the first Woman Gov. of Washington emptied out and closed the state mental institutions in the mid 1970's. They took all the nut jobs, bussed them to down town Seattle. Gave them $20 and drove away. Within 3 days one of them had stabbed a cop. About the same time the hippies started taking over the local government. They advocated for a "European Style Democracy" and Seattle started sliding into a shit filled ditch. As the homeless population (that had always been large) grew out of control, the skin heads and faggots invaded. Thank G_D I left Ft. Lewis at that point. I went back in the 80's and Seattle was a shit hole by THEN. With cops riding 4 to a car, and moving around down town in packs. Bill Gates and Boeing are the only thing keeping the west coast from becoming Portland or San Fransisco---Ray