Sunday, April 01, 2018

But since most of them aren't being shot, I'm sure someone will explain how their deaths

aren't as bad as someone who was killed with a bullet.  Or something.

Two bits from this: first,
“It comes down to one simple thing, we’ve got to stop young people carrying knives in the first place,” he added.
I would beg to differ, which brings us to the second bit:
The Metropolitan Police commissioner, Cressida Dick, said last year that London’s crimewave was being driven by a “core group of young offenders” repeatedly committing assault and robbery “with relative impunity” and questioned whether tougher prison sentences could deter them.
Note 'core group' and 'with relative impunity'.

See the problem?  The 'anti knife-crime charity' guy is worried about hardware, while the commissioner has a bit of an actual clue.  But: chances of them continuing the 'Turn In Your Knife!' noise, and screwing with people carrying a basic tool for legal reasons, 100%.  Chances of them actually dealing with the real problem, very low.  Because that'd mean dealing with the facts that
The core problem is PEOPLE, not objects, and
Dealing with people means making judgements, and holding them to account, and all that messy stuff.

Lord, what a mess.


Anonymous said...

Except that core group is muslims and the mayor has no interest in arresting his fellow invaders. They would rather further disarm the public to make it easier for the rape, murder and robbery by muslims to continue.


Fred said...

Sadiq Khan, the mayor of Londinistan went on to lament the "ease with which white natives perish by the knife" and implored the national leadership to "keep them from dying" at the hands of his 7th century barbarians. "There deaths are clearly racist and they must stop dying. This is an insult islam." he was heard to say. -AP