Wednesday, April 04, 2018

A crises. Over yoga...

No wonder these people are unhappy.  The problem is they want EVERYONE ELSE to be unhappy, too.

There's an organized invasion group heading across Mexico to get to the US border.
Note that this is the Mexico that is very picky about arresting and deporting anyone who crosses THEIR sacred border.  Unless they're helping them cross Mexico to get to the US(and I wonder what guards are watching to make sure none of them try to take a side trip or stay in Mexico?).

Their plan is to get here and demand 'amnesty'.  The President is saying "Screw you, no" and planning to use the military to aid the Border Patrol in stopping them.

This ought to get interesting.  The Democrats will scream about 'dreamers' and 'They just want a better life!', and everyone else will say "Don't let the bastards in!  And if Mexico doesn't like it, that's their damned problem."

Screw just Comey & Co., why should we trust the EffingBI anymore?
But Comey provided zero transparency over the following 11 months prior to President Trump’s firing him last May. The FBI even redacted Mateen’s endorsement of ISIS in the initial transcripts they released of his discussions with hostage negotiators on the night of the shooting.
They're as bad as the Brit cops who won't talk about who actually runs the 'grooming' gangs because they're afraid of being called racist.

"Hey, I'm an advocate!  So who cares if I get drunk on the job and molest people?

And if you do care, it's just because you want to stop my advocacy!"

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