Sunday, February 18, 2018

"Spare mag: yea or nay?"

I come down on 'Yea', but you have to decide for yourself.

I was going to write something else on this, but I'm too bloody tired; maybe I can come up with some clever words on the subject tomorrow.


skybill said...

Hi Firehand!!!!!,
Funny you should mention that!!!!.... Just thinkin' least 2!! and in daze gone by the military .. before computers when everything was done in print on a Remington Rand Type writer... lots of "Onion Skin," "Carbon Paper" and those famous words,"When in doubt...make 5!!"
PS I still have my original "Orders, Reports and Discharge Papers' done up in mega copies with that "purple ink on onion skin" .... 23NOV1970!!!

skybill said...

2 at least, "5 is Fine" and everything Sgt Joe Fricks says about "Rules for a Gun fight!!!'

pigpen51 said...

I always carry one spare mag. Not so much for the extra ammo, although that is a good idea, but rather for the remote possibility that my first magazine fails, the gun jams, etc, and I need to get a different magazine in there to attempt to make the gun run right. I am not super fast on the mag change, but I am consistent. I don't usually drop the new mag before needing it, nor do I worry about carrying loose rounds. If I even have a remote concern that I am going to be getting into a gunfight, I simply won't go to that place in question. Older and wiser, maybe, but for sure the older part.

Firehand said...

I cannot remember where I read, years ago, of the aftermath of a shooting. Guy had gone to the store with just a pocket pistol("I'm only going down the street, so...") and happened to walk into a robbery. He won the fight, barely. Afterward he was sitting down trying not to throw up and one of the cops said "Bet you wish you'd brought a bigger gun." He looked up and said "If I'd known this was going to happen, I'd have stayed home."