Tuesday, February 20, 2018

In case you're needing some ammunition in arguments with leftists,

gun bigots and hoplophobes, let's collect a few things.

Yes, Obama was lying* when he said "This doesn't happen in other countries."
We're not even at the top of the list.

Larry Correia's magnificent piece on the subject.

"You want to repeal the 2nd?  Then try it, you screeching clowns.  See what happens."

'6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Coming To Your Side On Gun Control'
Note: screeching that your(probably former)friend is a bloody-handed child murderer for not agreeing with you works just as well as calling him a racist for not liking Obama.

How to Create a Gun-Free America In 5 Easy Steps
Warning: even if you get through #4, 5 is going to be a bitch.  And you really won't like the side-effects.

By the way, while you're screaming about racists and such, consider the background of your gun-control ideas; you want to talk about racist and bigoted...

This very good piece by Kevin Baker.

These give a good start.

*Ignorance is also possible, but I doubt it.


Anonymous said...

This is political theater to inflame the communist mob ahead of the 2018 elections. Here is why "gun control" will never happen. The "300 million" number is only the number of firearms sold in the US since NICS went into effect. Since the 1890's there have been an estimated ONE BILLION firearms manufactured or imported into the US. (This to include pre 1898 firearms and "muzzle loaders" imported, that are not tracked.) No one has the slightest idea who owns them OR How many still work. Since 1898 there has been an estimated 9 TRILLION rounds of ammunition manufactured or imported into the US, and enough components to home manufacture another 22 TRILLION rounds. (This to include unregulated "black powder" ammunition and "components") No one has the slightest idea who has it...or where. There are a maximum 2.5 million military and 1.5 million police and FLE. Who would be tasked to go door to door in a nation turned utterly hostile, and confiscate. I wouldn't give odds on their survival. ALL of DC knows this. This is political theater used as a cover up for the increasingly incompetent FBI. It is being run (badly) by CNN, FBI, and Bloomberg, for the benefit of the communist party and anti-Trumper's. With any luck they may even get their wish and kick off the bloodiest civil war in history.

pigpen51 said...

Not to mention that a good share of the military will not participate in an unlawful order. My son who is a petty officer 2nd class in the Navy said that all the people on his ship, for the most part, said that they would not help take guns away from civilians. And can you see a cop, on the second day of going door to door, after hundreds of cops were shot on the first day, trying to leave home to go to work, and his wife telling him in no uncertain terms that he was not going to participate in gun confiscation if he ever wanted to get into her nightgown again.