Thursday, November 09, 2017

I've come to the conclusion that the best way to start off with a woman's first range trip,

at least when she's visibly nervous, is very simple: "You can do this."  Some stuff added in, but that seems to be the base.  Men, on their first time- especially late teens/early 20's, it's not nervousness, it's "Don't do stupid things and we won't have to throw you out"; put more politely, but still, that being followed by the safety and how-to stuff.

The real problems generally come from someone who's not new to shooting, thinks they know it all, and don't like being told "Don't do that."

That's the extent of my deep thoughts for the evening.  I shall now return to trying to get something done.


Sambo said...

I was thinking " Do you have to pee ? " As when I take my wife shooting.

thinkingman said...

Brother, you said a mouthful with regard to the know it all who is unaware of all he does NOT know, and has the supreme confidence of not knowing what is about to bite him in the posterior ( at someone else's expense ), and therefore has no fear of same. The usual lame surprised utterance following the totally avoidable fup up is something like, "NO ONE TOLD ME THAT ( fill in the blank to suit nearly any group of circumstances in which the know it all could possibly fup up )"
Small comfort when someone else is being carted to a hospital or morgue .

larryw said...

Always double 'em up: plugs and muffs