Thursday, November 02, 2017

In prison for legally-owned firearms; what Brady and Clinton & Co. would like for all of us

They think the Dark & Fascist State of New Jersey is a fine example for the country; everyone else thinks it's a fine example of politicians and some sorry bastard cops who need to decorate trees.

"He keeps citing the Constitution, this man is a lousy justice!"
Only in your world, you plagiarizing leftist hack.

Ran across this over at Insty, and I'd say he's right: if a party hack like Brazile is saying all this in the open, there's a serious problem for the Clintons.  Which is fine, as these clowns all deserve each other.

Schumer and Gov. Howler getting slapped in the face with their responsibilities in the terrorist attack; they don't like it.

Screw both of 'em, they're nasty little control-freak bastards who think they should never be held to account.

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