Saturday, November 04, 2017

Crap like this, and I'll bet those cops can't figure out

why people don't like or trust them.
Her arrest caused a stir in conservative blogs, which were first to report the charges had been dropped. Police spokesman Lt. Brian O’Keefe referred questions to City Solicitor Emily Rice, who was at training all day and not available, her assistant said.

Willard did not respond to a text message. But he told New Hampshire Political Buzz that he consulted with Rice and “we made a collective determination that we were not going to go forward with prosecuting the case.”

Translation: "This is making us look like fucking idiots, make it go away."

Well done, morons.  You now have more people seeing you as dangerous to them and their kids.  Great way to get the public to agree on something.


Tal Hartsfeld said...

Aren't the real culprits in this case the prejudices of the general public themselves, coupled with the misguided and myopic policies of the employers and agencies Ms. Neely worked for ...even more so than are the overzealous behaviors of the police?

Firehand said...